Tropics is a plant and fruit based product. They are sustainably sourced from the amazon rainforest, Polynesia and Australia. It’s a vegan product and 100% cruelty free brand.

Glo Skin Beauty is designed by dermatologists. Its also cruelty free and paraben free professional skin care. Glo does a professional skin peel to deep exfoliate the skin to break down the dead skin cells for smoother skin and reduces oiliness for clear skin. Using natural fruit acids and high levels of active ingredients ensures healthier skin with instant noticeable results.

Glo Therapeutics formulations are created with potent concentrations of active ingredients to clinically transform the skin.

Mini facial
This includes a cleanse, tone and exfoliation followed by a mask suited to your skin type with a relaxing scalp massage incorporated.
30 minutes – £25

Prescriptive facial
This facial is designed to suit your skin type. After a consultation, we cleanse and exfoliate to stimulate new skin cell renewal followed by a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. A mask suited to your skin is applied with a choice of a hand and arm or head massage to truly drift you to a pure state of relaxation
1 hour – £35

Natural chemical peel facial
Our professional chemical exfoliation treatments provide customised programmes for each individual to help achieve brightening, anti-ageing and astonishing transformations.
Skin peel facial for 30 minutes – £25
Skin peel facial for 1 hour – £40
The following peels are available:
• Flower enzyme peel
• Enzyme peel
• Lactic peel
• Gycolic peel
• Salicylic peel
• Skin peel courses available
(good for spot prone and acne skin)